Set up by Ian Lawton in 2020 so that he could escape from the corporate world of project management, Ian has always been interested in the beauties of working with wood, right from the mid-nineties when he taught himself to make a mahogany jewellery box for a girlfriend, complete with hand-cut dovetail joints.

Then in the new millennium he started crafting driftwood mirrors, lamps, clocks and other decorative items, using patina'd wood often overlooked by others, and was told he had an 'eye' for creative design. He also converted several vans and trucks into luxurious camper vans, distinctively lining their walls with pine cladding or reclaimed wood.

After serving an apprenticeship with several highly experienced specialists he has now fully retrained, and spends his time scouring the UK to bring interesting and unique wooden furniture and ornaments back home. He then restores or reworks them, or simply passes them on to grateful customers. He also makes occasional trips to Central Africa to source the finest and most unusual pieces.

The son of famous works Norton rider Syd, and an ex-bike and car racer himself, when he has spare time he loves to convert old Hondas into exotic cafe racers. He has also established a solid reputation as an author and researcher specialising in ancient history and spiritual philosophy.